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Certified 2D/3D Unity Developement

From VR to AR, passing by mobile and console games, without forgetting tools, we offer a wide range of Unity development services.

3D Design

Our 3D artist team will provide you top of the line environment, props, textures, etc. From extra high poly's AAA to low poly's mobile optimized assets, just ask and we will manage to deliver whatever you need.

2D/Graphic Design

You need 2D characters, animations, UI, Graphic design for your games maketing, concept art ... Just Ask.


Golden Laugh animation team can produce high quality animations no matter the plateform.

Game/Level Design

Game design is by far one of the most important part of a good game, from gameplay to metas, a good game design will make your game shine.

Q.A & Play Tests

We have a team of passionate gamers, why not ask us to test your games !

Few of our Lastest work


Blasty Bubs




Space In Colors

Why Choose Us

Why you should choose us for your games, serious games development needs? Well that's quite easy.:

We are REALLY good at doing what other had failed.

We prioritize fast interaction and transparency with each of our customers.

We are certified Unity developpers.

Many of our team members are ex video game development and art teachers.

And finally, we LOVE what we do.

Our Clients and partners

Our Key Team Members

Kevin Roberge

CEO, Founder, Project Manager, Dev

Gabriel Rolland

Founder, Lead Developper

Jason Chainey

COO, Marketing

Michael Fauteux

Lead Game Designer, Q.A

Sarah Doyon

3D Artist, Graphic Design

Xavier Desilets


David Poisson

General Management

Émilie Collard




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